After-school program

Frostaskjól 6
Grandaskóli, Melaskóli, and Vesturbæjarskóli
107 Reykjavík


About Frostheimar

Frostheimar after-school program manages the organized afternoon program for children in grades 3 and 4 at Grandaskóli, Melaskóli, and Vesturbæjarskóli, and is run by the recreation center Tjörnin.

Director: Dórothea Ævarsdóttir
Assistant Directors: Haydeé Adriana Lira Núnez and Fannar Arnarsson

Extended attendance

On professional development days, parent conference days, and during Christmas and Easter holidays, Frostheimar is open all day from 8am to 5pm with prior registration. There is an additional charge for extended stays on these days. Frostheimar is closed during the school's winter holidays.

Various documents and links

Fee schedule

Here you can access the fee schedule for the school year and summer break activities in after-school programs. You'll also find information on sibling discounts and various other details.

Photos from Frostheimar