Welfare and support

The City of Reykjavík provides a wide range of services—mostly to help improve the residents quality of life.

Children and families

Children and their families can receive a wide range of support to meet their needs due to social conditions, stress, illness or disability.

Older people

Older people can participate in a wide range of social activities and receive targeted support and services that allow them to live in their own homes for as long as they choose.

Disabled people

Disabled individuals can receive support to live a self-sufficient and fulfilling life on their own terms and participate actively in their community.

Homeless people

The City of Reykjavík offers a wide range of support to people who are homeless and have problems with drugs or mental health.

Social counseling

Life presents us all with many challenges. Sometimes we need to get advice and support to face these challenges. Social counseling is meant to support people helping themselves through a wide range of methods so that people can best enjoy themselves in the community.


Financial assistance

Financial assistance when needed.


Social housing

A solution for people with housing problems.


Activity and rehabilitation

A variety of resources for all kinds of people.

Integrated home care services

Integrated home care services (home support and home nursing) provide personalized care. The goal is to enable people to live at home as long as they wish, despite illness or disability.