City Grants

The application window for City Grants for projects in 2023 opens on September 12th, 2022 and closes at 12 noon on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022.


The Municipal Treasury provides grants to NGOs, businesses, and individuals for activities, projects, and events consistent with Reykjavik’s strategic objectives, focus, and priorities.
Grants will be awarded for projects involving the following:

  • Social Activities and Welfare
  • Sports and Youth
  • Human Rights
  • Culture
  • Education and Leisure

How to apply?

Grant applications are made online.

Applications must be submitted within the prescribed time limit. Activities, events, and projects cannot receive grants after they take place. Applications for grants are assessed based on Reykjavik City’s rules on grants and the City’s Human Rights Policy, as well as the procedures for the relevant policy area. See details at the bottom of the page.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following

  • The objectives described and whether they are likely to be achieved
  • Whether the work and time schedule is realistic
  • Whether it is possible to assess the progress of the project
  • Whether the applicant has provided a report on previously funded projects
  • The expected results and benefits of the project in question
  • Budget documents along with clarification of alternative financing
  • How well the application matches Reykjavik City’s Human Rights Policy and the objectives of gender-budgeting
  • The procedures for the relevant policy area and City department

Guidelines for Individuals

If you haven't signed up for Reykjavik Online before, you’ll need to create an account. The site is only available in Icelandic. After that, you will receive a password through your online bank. After that, you can log in and click on applications (I. “umsóknir”).


Under the category for grants (I. “Styrkir”), click on “Umsókn um styrk úr borgarsjóði” which means Municipal Treasury Grant application. After the application has been submitted, it can be viewed and the processing can be monitored.

Guidelines for Companies and NGOs

You must register your company and apply for access to Reykjavik Online’s Business Portal (I. “Umsókn um aðgang að fyrirtækjagátt”). Once a password has been sent to your company's online bank, you can log in to Reykjavik Online.


Once logged in, the user clicks on “Umsóknir” for applications. Under the category for grants (I. “Styrkir”), click on “Umsókn um styrk úr borgarsjóði” for your City Grant application.

Inquiries & Suggestions

Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to: