Children and youth

Children in Reykjavik take part in solid school and recreation activities, giving them the education and experience to realize their dreams and positively impact their environment and society. They are from all over the world and speak a wide range of languages.

Reykjavik City provides a wide range of services to all these children and their families that contribute to their well-being and prosperity.

Primary schools

Children in Iceland start compulsory primary school in the year they turn six. Parents have a choice of primary school, but if the number of pupils in individual schools has to be limited, students have priority in their school district.



Reykjavík City operates over 60 preschools with almost 6,000 children. Children in preschool should enjoy their childhood and learn and develop playing together.

Day parents

Reykjavík has independent day parents who look after children from 6 months old. The City grants them work permits and carries out statutory supervision of their activities.

Child protection

Reykjavík Child Protection Services (CPS) assists children and parents with serious problems ensure the future well-being and safety of children through a wide range of counseling, support and professional solutions.

Music education

Music education is available for children and youth in all city districts, both in school orchestras and in music schools that have service contracts with Reykjavík City.


In recreational activities, there is an opportunity to learn through play. Children increase their development and skills through a wide range of games and puzzles.

The School of Work

Starf vinnuskólans er hafið. Netfang skólans er og símanúmerið er 411-8660.

Vinnuskólinn er ábyrgðaraðili persónuupplýsinga barna sem vinna þar sem og foreldra þeirra og ber Vinnuskólinn ábyrgð á því að unnið sé með persónuupplýsingar í samræmi við persónuverndarlög. Frekari upplýsingar um vinnslu persónuupplýsinga sem á sér stað í Vinnuskóla Reykjavíkurborgar má finna  á síðu Vinnuskólans undir verkefni og vinnuvernd; vinnsla persónuupplýsinga í Vinnuskóla Reykjavíkur.

Child prosperity services

A new act on integrated services for a child's prosperity took effect on January 1, 2022. The purpose of the act is to ensure that children and guardians receive the right assistance at the right time from the right people.

Families and children in need of early support are guaranteed access to a child prosperity contact person in the child's local environment, such as in preschool or primary school.

Peer Education Center

The Peer Education Center is staffed with young people aged 16 to 20 who go and talk to other young people about the self-image and life in general. The philosophy is that it is better for young people to reach their peers than others.

Digital Growth

Digital Growth is a support website for the introduction of advanced and creative technologies for the City’s schools and recreation. Here is information on learning devices, software and privacy and guidance for staff, students, and parents. 

Hitt Húsið Youth Center

Hitt Húsið is a youth center for young people aged 16–25 in the fields of culture and art, leisure, information and advice, employment, and prevention. At Hitt Húsið Youth Center, young people can use the facilities to sing, dance, dream, create, learn, play, meet up, and more. Hitt Húsið Youth Center houses various associations and organizations for young people.