The Green Deal

The Green Deal is the City of Reykjavík's overall strategy outlining the City's vision for the future up to 2030 and it connects the City's key policies and plans to that vision.

With an emphasis on environment, economy and society, the Green Deal includes fifteen key priorities that serve as a shared guide across all Reykjavík City departments.

On this page, you can read more about the city's comprehensive strategy and its main actions, along with a status report on actions.



Growing City

Future vision in economic affairs.


Green city

Future vision in environmental and climate matters.


A City for People (IS)

Future vision in social affairs.



Climate Agreement - European Cooperation on Carbon-Neutral and Smart Cities 2030

The goal of this project is for the participating cities, numbering 112, to become carbon-neutral and smart by 2030.
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Family walking down Laugarvegur. The Green Deal.

Welfare– For Everyone. Digital Service Center - first stop for users

The ultimate goal is to improve accessibility, response speed, and simplify our welfare services. To achieve these goals, an online service center will be established as an initial destination for all users of welfare services.
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Reykjavík from the air

Gender budgeting

The aim is to integrate the City's Human Rights Policy into the budgeting process, thus promoting equality. The aim is for better and fairer distribution of resources according to people’s needs.
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Computer generated overview image of the proposed new land-use plan at Hlemmur.

Hlemmur area

Hlemmur is a world in itself and we will regularly report interesting things happening there. The aim is to turn the new square into an area for cyclists and pedestrians.
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Crowd at Arnarhóll during Reykjavík Pride.

Rainbow Certifications of the City's cultural institutions

The goal is for all Reykjavík cultural institutions to have Rainbow Certification by the end of 2022. The Reykjavík City Museum and Reykjavík Art Museum have received the Rainbow Certification as the Reykjavík City Library did earlier. 
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A picture of a man at a construction site.

New map view of housing construction

To improve information delivery about housing construction in the city, an interactive information map will be developed that will show where buildings are being built in Reykjavík and the location of future building areas.
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Aerial view of Hólmsheiði

New business areas: Esjumelar, Álfsnes, Hólmsheiði

Preparation and coordination are underway with Veitur for infrastructure development plans. The business areas have been introduced to companies interested in establishing their businesses in Reykjavík.
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Overview image of the snow-covered center of Reykjavík.

Housing plan

The Housing Plan lays out the main construction areas in Reykjavík, plot allocation, financial participation for housing, cooperation with non-profit housing associations, purchasing plans of Félagsbústaðir, and the City's social housing solutions.
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Green Deal accomplishments

The Green Deal is an ambitious plan to ensure increased well-being for all residents for the future, characterized by a healthy environment, equal opportunities, good service, and a strong economy that doesn't waste natural resources.

The City's investments are prioritized in the spirit of the Green Deal's future vision and, along with other measures, affect the development of the City's service and decision-making.

The Green Deal's support measures are intended to ensure its implementation and making its goals and future vision a reality.

Girl on a playground.

Reykjavík City's Comprehensive Strategy until 2023

The Green Deal is the City of Reykjavík's overall strategy outlining the City's vision for the future up to 2030 and it connects the City's key policies and plans to that vision.

City of Reykjavík Comprehensive Strategy until 2023

The Green Deal is our strategic plan until 2030 that manifests City of Reykjavik’s vision, linking key city policies and strategies to that vision.


If you want more information about the Green Deal or have suggestions, email

Green Deal management

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