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Composed illustration of people and statues on a rainy day in Reykjavik.


Preschool allocation

The allocation process for fall 2023 in public preschools in Reykjavík started on March 14 and will continue until April 17. Parents of children who have applied to city-run preschools can expect to receive invitations for placement in the coming weeks.
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Sumarstarfsfólk við garðyrkju á Austurvelli.

Summer Jobs

The city of Reykjavík is advertising almost one thousand diverse and fun summer jobs this year, and the minimum age for applicants is 17. The jobs are diverse and affect the daily life of the city residents in various ways.
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Yfirlitsmynd yfir Keldnaland


Construction of a new and well-connected residential area in Reykjavík is pending. The goal is to build an exciting modern neighborhood, Keldur, based on eco-friendly transportation and fostering a carbon-neutral urban society.
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Þjónustufulltrúi situr við starfsstöð sína.

Send us a suggestion

You can submit any suggestions through the Reykjavik Suggestion Portal. All suggestions are read and categorized by the Service Center and passed on to the relevant people who will reply. Note that the form is in Icelandic.
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One workplace in all its diversity.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meetings of councils, committees, and boards.


Waste Collection Calendar

When do you collect waste?


Reykjavik Swimming Pools

Come for a swim!


Tenders & Procurement

Tenders, opening of tenders and results of tenders.


Food Delivery

What’s on the menu today?

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Reykjavik City initiative laying the lines in finance, investment and key green projects for the next 10 years. The Green Deal is based on sustainability and a clear vision of a carbon-neutral city.

Illustration of the Green Deal