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kona með skikkju á hlaupahjóli, kynningarmynd fyrir Hverfið mitt.

Thanks for voting in My Neighborhood

The election in the democracy project Hverfid mitt 2023 has ended and the turnout was good. There were 248 ideas up for voting but 62 of them were chosen and will be implemented.
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Menning og mannlíf. Teikning af nýju hverfi á Keldum.

Keldur development area

The City of Reykjavik and Transport for the Capital Area launched earlier this year an international competition for a strategic urban development plan for Keldur. The competition was intended to find high-quality proposals and interdisciplinary teams
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Horft yfir 50 metra laug Laugardalslaugar úti, frá dýpri endanum. Blár himinn.

Laugardalslaug pool temporarily closed

Laugardalslaug will be temporarily closed due to maintenance, for approximately two weeks, from September 26. Swimming practices and school swimming will remain unchanged.
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Waste collection worker with two waste bins.

Thank you for recycling!

The new waste sorting system is fully implemented. About 30,000 new bins have been distributed to 57,000 households. The major change is that organic kitchen waste, previously in gray bins, is now separately collected.
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Þjónustufulltrúi situr við starfsstöð sína.

Send us a suggestion

You can submit any suggestions through the Reykjavik Suggestion Portal. All suggestions are read and categorized by the Service Center and passed on to the relevant people who will reply. Note that the form is in Icelandic.
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The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Reykjavik City initiative laying the lines in finance, investment and key green projects for the next 10 years. The Green Deal is based on sustainability and a clear vision of a carbon-neutral city.