Visit Reykjavík

Visual arts, swimming, music, and skiing. Here, you'll find some of the best things you can do in Reykjavík throughout the year.


There is always plenty to see and do in Reykjavik! The museums of the City of Reykjavik represent strong work in various fields of culture and art.

Events and City Festivals

Reykjavík City hosts multiple events and festivals throughout the year.

Reykjavík Culture Pass

The Reykjavík Culture Pass is your gateway to the city's cultural life.

The pass includes access to 14 museums, 50+ exhibits, 300+ events, a library card, along with many other offers.

The City Card

The City Card is a terrific, convenient, and affordable way to explore our city.

It provides free admission to a number of museums and swimming pools, and even serves as a pass for public transport in the capital area and the Viðey Ferry.

Sports and outdoor activities

Come out to play! Diverse physical activity and outdoor recreation support good physical and mental health.

Awards, grants, and recognition

The City of Reykjavík provides a large number of grants for various cultural issues.

Historical markers

Information on historical sites and areas within Reykjavík's city limits enrich the experiences of city residents and visitors. These reference points also offer education about the capital's history.


Each sign informs about local daily life, history, art, and literature relevant to the site or area, accompanied by pictures.