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Welcome to My Pages for Reykjavík City.

Here you will find all Reykjavík City applications as well as an overview of the services you have already applied for.

You use an electronic ID to log in to My Pages.

Electronic ID

Electronic ID (eID) is a personal identifier that you use to sign in electronically. This gives you secure access to services and information specifically intended for you.

Don’t have an electronic ID?

You can access instruction videos for electronic IDs here below in few different languages, which go over how electronic IDs work, where you can find them and how to log in with them.

What are My Pages?

My Pages are Reykjavík’s service portal. There you can log in to access services and communicate with Reykjavík City.


My Pages contain all applications relating to the City of Reykjavík. Most of them are online, but some still use printable forms. Printable forms may be filled out and emailed or printed and returned on paper.


Work is underway to bring all the City’s applications online.

Need some help?

Do you have any questions or need help? Reykjavík City’s Service Center can help you by phone at 411 1111, live chat, or via email to

The Service Center is open weekdays between 8:30 am and 4 pm.

Enquiries received outside that time will be answered at the earliest opportunity.