After-school program

Every primary school has an after-school program with a variety of recreational activities for children ages 6 through 9. Children can stay in the after-school program from the end of the school day until 5pm. In summer, the after-school programs are open all day. A fee is charged for a stay in an after-school program and siblings get a discount.

The after-school programs’ fall enrollment begins in the preceding spring.

After-school program opening hours

After-school programs are open from 1:40pm to 5pm.

The after-school programs are open from 8am when there are parent-teacher interviews, on professional development days, and during Christmas and Easter break, unless otherwise stated. After-school programs are closed for the primary schools’ winter breaks, but the local recreation center will usually offer scheduled activities for the whole family.

Please note that you will need to apply separately for the child to attend from 8am to 1:40pm. Separate payment is not required to attend from 1:40pm to 5pm.

What does it cost to attend an after-school program? How do I pay?

Fees for after-school program attendance are billed according to the established fee schedule. Invoices for after-school program fees are sent out after the month of service, with the payment due at the beginning of the following month. A 30-day grace period is granted from the due date to the final payment date, but it is entirely up to the payer to decide whether or not to utilize any or all of the grace period.

If two or more siblings attend an after-school program, a youth center for children with disabilities, or a city-run preschool, the older sibling(s) receive a 100% sibling discount on their day care fees.

How to apply for the services?

The Department of Education and Youth sends a letter to upcoming first graders in February/March with information about the application process. Parents of children in grades 2-4 can apply for their children through Vala Leisure.

The application is valid for one school year at a time (August-June). If you wish to cancel the program, or request changes, you must do so by the 15th of each month and the cancellation will take effect by the next month.

Children's free time and social skills in after-school programs

After-school programs offer a range of recreational activities to 6 to 9 year old children after the end of their school day. They have exciting activities that give children an outlet for play and creativity. The after-school program guiding principle is that each person can enjoy and thrive in an environment characterized by friendliness, security, and respect.

The emphasis is on developing social skills in communication through work and play, as well as respect for oneself, others and one's surroundings. After-school programs seek to operate democratically, empower the children's ability to formulate independent opinions, and influence their surroundings and circumstances.

Recreational Literacy

City recreation centers offer diverse programs in an Icelandic language environment throughout the year. There's a strong focus on language and literacy development through play and activities, utilizing resources like a website, toolbox, and the Recreational Literacy Handbook.

Do you want to work in an after-school program?

Do you want to be a part of a fun and cohesive team at one of Reykjavík's many after-school programs? Do you want to take advantage of your hobbies when working with children and helping them practice social interaction? Flexible, fun-filled jobs in the City's after-school programs await you.