The City of Reykjavik's main objective in housing is the creation of a diversified and flexible housing market that guarantees an affordable roof for all, regardless of whether people need support with their housing or not.

Map of development in Reykjavík

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Powerful Development with Green Thinking

Reykjavík is growing faster than ever when looking at the number of new apartments—and during this growth phase Reykjavik is growing inward. The densification achieves the City's environmental targets climate goals. Our focus is on quality districts and social mixing across the City so we may have a stronger community for the future. These objectives are part of the Green Plan.

The development of housing is in the interest of all groups of society, for the general market, affordable housing for young adults and first buyers, building cooperatives, students, the labor unions, and senior citizens. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring a safe roof overhead for people with lower incomes at an affordable price.

Status of housing development in the City

When the Green Plan was submitted in November 2020, it was decided to review its housing section on a quarterly basis in order to ensure better follow-up.

Here you can see an overview of the introduction of the housing portion of the Green Plan in 2021.

Upplýsingar um uppbyggingu íbúða

Reykjavíkurborg heldur úti öflugri upplýsingamiðlun um uppbyggingu íbúða með útgáfu kynningarrits, kynningarfundum og skýrslum um framvindu húsnæðisáætlunar:

Kynningarrit 2022: Uppbygging íbúða í borginni  

Kynningarfundur um uppbyggingu íbúða 4. nóvember 2022 

- Fyrri kynningarfundir um húsnæðismál             

Hér ofar á síðunni má sjá ársfjórðungsskýrslur sem gefnar eru út.

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