School and welfare services

Children have different needs. Some children need support to feel better and make the best use of their strengths. Reykjavík City employs a team of professionals in school and welfare services providing targeted counseling and support for children and their families to promote child prosperity.

What services are available?

There is a range of services available for families who need additional support. Prosperity services are tailored to individual needs and may include interviews, meetings, or classes for parents and children.

Examples of issues where counseling and support can be beneficial include:

  • Risk behavior
  • Concentration problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Communication difficulties
  • Challenging home situations
  • Development, for example, speech and motor development
  • Education and school attendance
  • Mental difficulties, for example, anxiety and depression

Do I have a right to school services?

All children attending preschools and primary schools in Reykjavík are entitled to school and welfare services if they meet the following conditions:

  • The child's legal residence is in Reykjavík.
  • The child's guardians and school staff believe the child needs support to best benefit from preschool or primary school.

Frequently asked questions about school and welfare services

Find answers to common questions about Reykjavík City's school and welfare services here.

How do I apply for school and welfare services?

Request school and welfare services by talking to your child's preschool contact or head of division, or your child's primary school contact or homeroom teacher. You can also speak directly with school and welfare services staff at your child's Center. It's also easy to book an appointment with a counselor at the Center.

Where do school and welfare services take place?

The goal is for children to receive as much of the services as possible in their local environment. This could be within the preschool or primary school, in the form of counseling and support at your center, and in some cases, in the child's home.

Do I need a diagnosis to get counseling?

No. A closer look can increase your and the school's understanding of how best to meet your child's needs. However, a formal diagnosis is not necessary for a child to receive assistance in school as the school should strive to meet the needs of all children. However, a diagnosis can be a prerequisite for specialized services, medication, and a care allowance.



Support Service

Support services are implemented according to each individual's needs. Parents are supported in the parenting role, and children are supported to increase engagement, improve communication and enhance their confidence.


Vocational education

For students in the 9th and 10th grades of primary school who, due to specific challenges other than disability, face significant learning challenges or substantial discomfort in school. This project is intended to improve the way students feel and give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of.

How can we help?

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The City Service Center can help you by phone at 411 1111, via live chat, and through email at


School services are provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:

Answers to common questions can be found in the school service FAQ.