Parent Cooperation in School & Recreational Activities

There is a targeted effort to increase dialogue with parents and strengthen their involvement in school activities. Each school has an operational parent association, parent council, or school council.

School councils and parent associations

According to the law, there must be a parent council at each preschool. It has a minimum of three parents as members. The election shall take place in September of each year and members are elected for one year at a time.

The role of the parent council is to give reviews to the preschool, monitor the implementation of the school curriculum, school operation plan, and other matters affecting the functioning of the preschool. The council has the right of review of any major changes in preschool activities.

Primary schools must have an active school council that serves as a forum for consultation between the principal and the school community on the school operation. The primary school shall also have a parent association that supports the schooling, promotes the well-being of students, and maintains a sound connection between homes and schools.

Parents associations

Parents have established parent associations in all of the City's primary schools. The City’s parent associations and parent councils formed the SAMFOK association—Alliance of Parent Associations and Parent Councils of Primary Schools in Reykjavík— and there is an collective association of all parents in Iceland called Home and School - the National Association of Parents.

Counselor for homes and primary schools

Alda Árnadóttir is the counselor for homes and schools. She provides professional advice on disputes that may arise in parent-school relations. She also works on appropriate resources for students with multidimensional problems in partnership with parents and City institutions. You can call 4 11 11 11.

Parents can also seek support from service centers in resolving school-related issues, which include educational consultants and psychologists.