Children and adults sail on boats at the Reykjavik Family Park & Zoo

The City of Reykjavik's recreational activities focus on safety and well-being. We work on self-image, social skills, caring, engagement, and participation for children and adolescents. The recreational activities also focus on prevention, education, and fun.

The recreational activities take place in after-school centers, community centers, and youth centers for children with disabilities in the City's districts.

Recreation Centers

The four recreation centers offer activities for children and youth. They are responsible for the operation of after-school centers for 6–9 year-olds and community centers for 10–16 year-olds. They also participate in neighborhood partnerships, host events, and provide various facilities for neighborhood residents. The youth councils operate withing the recreation centers.

After-School Center

Every primary school has an after-school center with a variety of organized recreational activities for children ages 6 through 9. Children can stay in the after-school center from the time school is finished until 5 pm, and throughout the day in summer. Afternoon refreshments, fruits, vegetables, bread, and healthy drinks are provided.

Community Centers

Community centers in Reykjavik offer a variety of recreational activities for 10–16 year-olds and teenagers. Community centers are open after school ends, at night, and during the summer. The community centers’ agenda is available on their websites and social media.

The Recreation Card

The Recreation Card is a grant system for the recreation of children and adolescents ages 6-18 with legal residence in Reykjavik. The grant amounts to 50,000 kr. a year, and you can use it to pay off some of your child's attendance and exercise fees.