Construction & Planning


Are you building and remodeling? Is there any planned construction close to you? Here you will find everything imaginable related to planning, construction, and maintenance in Reykjavik.

Construction Dimensions

The office of the construction supervises construction and manpower in the city. This includes issuing building permits to construct, modify or demolish human settlements.


Organizational matters

Skipulag fjallar um fyrirkomulag byggðar og mótun umhverfis. Í skipulagi er ákveðið hvernig landi er ráðstafað, til dæmis fyrir íbúðarbyggð eða verslun. Þar eru líka teknar ákvarðanir um fyrirkomulag gatna og lóða og settar reglur um hönnun einstakra bygginga eins og um hæðafjölda og fjölda íbúða. Almenningur getur komið að vinnu við gerð skipulagsáætlana í gegnum íbúafundi eða annað samráð.

Illustration of people and a dog in a city setting

Maps and Drawings

The City Webcam is a live and interactive land information system where you can access detailed information about the city's landscape and services. On a drawing site there are drawings of the houses of the city in good resolution.


Street and Square Vendors

Street vending refers to sales activities in public, such as on squares, streets, sidewalks, and parks.

Building Preservation

Old houses need to be treated with respect and maintenance and renovation must be done correctly. Certain structures have a preservation value for artistic or cultural-historical reasons.

Real estate charges

Property charges are applied annually to all properties, unless they are exempt by law, and the owner is at all times responsible for their payment. A real property is considered a restricted part of a land, together with its organic and inorganic components, rights attached thereto and the human beings permanently bound to the land.



The City of Reykjavik's main objective in housing is the creation of a diversified and flexible housing market that guarantees an affordable roof for all, regardless of whether people need support with their housing or not.

Development Viewer

The map shows all the main construction activities in Reykjavik and the permits that have been issued for the use of City land. By selecting a field on the map, you will get a more detailed description of the work and, in many cases, also a reference to an information page.