Neighborhood plan for Breiðholt

Neighborhood plan for Breiðholt

The neighborhood plan for Lower Breiðholt, Sel, and Upper Breiðholt, along with guidelines, has been approved and formally took effect on May 4, 2022, with an announcement in Section B of the Official Gazette.

A neighborhood plan is a planning document for established neighborhoods and replaces older land-use plans that have been revoked with the adoption of the neighborhood plan.

Work not started
Idea search and policy making
Presentation of working proposals
Presentation of final proposals
Neighborhood plan enacted

Planning documents

In the Urban Planning Viewer, you can find all formal planning documents for Breiðholt's neighborhood plan; outline plan, provisions, and general report.

Results of substantial consultation

During the work on the neighborhood plan, numerous ideas and proposals emerged. After extensive consultation, the proposals were revised, and some were discarded. A special consultation report, which can be found below, explains the consultation process and how feedback was handled.


The neighborhood plan guidelines are an innovation in Icelandic planning matters and are included with all the neighborhood planning programs of the City. They are based on the policy making of the municipal plan of Reykjavík and are designed to guide the application of various authorizations detailed in the provisions of neighborhood plans.