Planning addresses the arrangement of built areas and the shaping of the environment. In planning, decisions are made on how land is allocated, for instance for residential areas or retail. Decisions are also made on the layout of streets and lots and rules are set for the design of individual buildings such as height restrictions and the number of apartments. The public can participate in the creation of development plans through resident forums or other consultations.

Planning Officer

The role of the Planning Officer is to provide residents, city councilors, advisors, designers, and contractors with information and advice about planning issues. The Planning Officer handles the proceedings of planning cases and works on behalf of the municipal government.

Reykjavík City Municipal Plan

The Reykjavík 2040 Municipal Plan is the updated and improved version of AR2030, adopted in 2014. The Municipal Plan was approved by the Reykjavík City Council on October 19, 2021, which also coincides with its approval on December 21, 2021. The Municipal Plan was signed on January 13, 2022 and entered into force with its publication in the Official Journal on January 18, 2022.

Neighborhood plans

Neighborhood plans are land-use plans for established neighborhoods that aim to foster sustainable, environmentally friendly neighborhood growth in response to evolving societal priorities. If you wish to modify a property or plot of land, the urban district plan simplifies the process for you.

Land-use plans

A land use plan is a detailed implementation of a municipal plan for a specific area or plot. The land use plan provides for building patterns, house types, landscaping, activities, lot boundaries, etc. The land use plans apply to urban and rural areas, large and small neighborhoods, intersections, port installations, outdoor spaces, noise barriers, anti-avalanche earthworks, and more. The land use plan includes terms for the issuance of development permits.

Current planning announcements

Discover the planning matters currently being announced in Reykjavík City. All interested parties are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the issues.

Planning projects

Many significant planning projects are underway. They will significantly influence the development of the city over the coming years.

The capital area

Is one residential area, a single job and housing market with shared basic infrastructure, outdoor areas, resources, and nature.