Youth centers

Reykjavík has many youth centers. They operate in primary school buildings or separate facilities. Opening hours mostly follow the primary school calendar. During summer, they focus on group activities with specially announced hours.

Youth centers in Reykjavík

Youth centers offer constructive recreational activities for 10-16 year olds. They focus on reaching adolescents needing social support and offering diverse activities. Activities include clubs, targeted group work, open sessions, and temporary projects. Opening hours are available on each youth center's website.

Specialized recreational activities

Four youth centers offer specialized activities for disabled children and adolescents: Askja, Hellirinn, Hofið, and Höllin. They are open after school from 1:40pm-5pm on weekdays. During school breaks, they open from 8am-5pm, but close during winter breaks. Apply for specialized recreational activities on the Vala registration website.


Youth democracy

Youth centers operate on youth democracy principles to ensure children and adolescents influence activities. Youth democracy is framed by national laws, City decisions, and youth center budgets. To ensure consultation with children and adolescents, councils and committees are democratically elected. They also create open forums for interested parties to participate and for individuals or groups to pursue their ideas from start to finish.