Councils, committees, and boards

City Council holds elections for multiple councils, committees, and boards acting under its authority. The Resolution on the Management of Reykjavík City and City Council Minutes specifies the councils, committees, and boards in question, and City Council elects their members.

Elections for councils, committees, and boards

City Council elects representatives for councils and committees to deal with specific issues, and the councils and committees act on specific approvals specifying the roles, tasks, and responsibilities of each.

City Council elects seven representatives and seven alternates to serve on the City’s following sectorial councils:

City Council also elects representatives the following councils and committees for four years at a time:

City Council also elects a representative for one year to the following boards:

Depending on the provisions of the relevant electoral law, City Council elects representatives, and alternates, to the constituency electoral commissions, district electoral commissions, and local electoral commissions.

City Council and/or the City Executive Council elect or appoint its representatives to various boards, councils, and committees according to the provisions of laws and regulations or according to specific resolutions.

Other boards