Procurement & Executive Council

The Procurement Office manages services for the Procurement & Executive Council of Reykjavík City, which has the decision-making power regarding the selection of contractors and participants as per Article 37 of Reykjavík City's Procurement Rules.

The Procurement & Executive Council operates under the mandate of the City Executive Council according to the resolution for the Council confirmed by City Council on May 19, 2020, and also in accordance with the Reykjavík City Procurement Rules approved by City Executive Council on May 9, 2019, and the Resolution on the Management and of Reykjavík City and City Council Minutes, No. 1020/2019.

The Procurement & Executive Council shapes the policy for procurement matters of Reykjavík City and makes recommendations to the City Executive Council accordingly. It oversees the adherence to Reykjavík City's procurement policy and regulations by the city treasury and its institutions, as well as the Act on Procurement Procedures No. 65/1993 and the Act on Public Procurement No. 120/2016, as applicable. The Council also makes decisions on specific procurement matters, as detailed in the Reykjavík City Procurement Rules.

The Procurement & Executive Council consists of five members and an equal number of alternates, elected by the City Council. The term of office of the Council is the same as that of City Council. The City Council elects a chair from among the members of the Council. The Council's meetings can be canceled for up to two months a year.

The Council's location is at Borgartún 12-14. The Council usually meets on Thursdays at 1pm.

The Head of the Procurement Office is responsible for implementing the Council's decisions.

The City Council elected members to the Procurement & Executive Council on June 7, 2022.

The Board Chair is Hjálmar Sveinsson.