Primary Schools


Children start compulsory primary school in the year they turn six. They have priority access to their district school, but parents can also apply to another district school or to an independently run school.

Once you have applied to a school for your child, the application will be sent electronically to that school. You should then receive confirmation of receipt of your application and a message later on whether your application has been approved.

Do I need to enroll my child in school?

If you have a child who turns 6 during the school year, you will receive a letter in February about how to enroll your child in school. If you choose to enroll your child in a school outside their school district, or in an independently run school, you'll need to notify us. You’ll also need to notify us if you are moving. A separate form for transfers is included with the enrollment letter.

Please note that you need to apply specifically to an after-school center for children ages 6 through 9.

School Meals

Most primary school students take part in the lunch program. School meals cost the same in all schools. You do not need to pay for school lunch for more than two children from the same household.


Schooling in Another Municipality

You can apply for your child to attend school in another municipality, even if the child is legally resident in Reykjavik. The application must be sent before April 1 of each year.

Transferring Between Primary Schools

In Reykjavik, there is a choice of primary school, but if the number of pupils in individual schools has to be limited, students have priority in their school district.