Day parents

You can place your child with self-employed day parents from the age of six months until the child starts preschool. The subsidy on the placement fee depends on the marital and academic status of the parents.

Improved conditions for day parents

We are working on improving the conditions for day parents to encourage new people to become day parents in Reykjavík. The start-up grant for day parents will be increased, annual facility support is offered, training is enhanced, access to rental housing for day parents is expanded, subsidies for children who have reached 18 months of age significantly increase, and more.

Applying to a day parent

Day parents operate independently with an operating license from the Welfare Quality and Inspection Authority. If you wish to register your child with a day parent, you contact the day parent you select. Keep in mind that many day parents have a wait list for spots, so it's a good idea to get in touch well in advance.


Each day parent sets out their fee schedule, but the City of Reykjavík subsidizes a certain amount with each child.

Selecting a day parent

Placing your child in day care for the first time is a big step, so it is important to make a careful decision and to thoroughly consider the circumstances. Day parents look after children from the age of six months and do important care and parenting work.

Day-parent advisors

South Center has day-care advisors. They are responsible for the legal control of day parent activities, providing counseling to day parents, advising parents, and managing subsidies to day parents. You can contact day-parent advisors via email at