Hagkvæmt húsnæði - ungt fólk og fyrstu kaupendur

Hagkvæmt húsnæði fyrir ungt fólk og fyrstu kaupendur er verkefni sem Reykjavíkurborg hleypti af stokkunum með hugmyndaleit árið 2018. Þegar hafa verið afhentar 110 af yfir 700 íbúðum sem áætlað er að reisa en Þorpið-Vistfélag er að ljúka sínu verkefni í Gufunesi.

Number of Housing Units

Land use plans have been approved for building 60 units in the lot of the Seamen’s College, 52 units in Ulfarsarsdalur, and 27 units in Gufunes. Over the next few years, we plan on allocating lots for up to 400 more units. Those include 88 lots in Gufunes, 20 in Kjalarnes, 100 in Skerjafjordur and 193 in Bryggjuhverfi III.

The Units Will Not Appreciate Faster Than the Index

The Affordable Housing Project for Young Adults and First-Time Buyers has been part of the Reykjavik Housing Plan since June 2017. Eight partners, selected through an open competitive process, participate and receive affordable building lot allocations.

The City’s affordable housing aspirations are in line with the terms for equity loans that took effect on November 1, 2020.

The City Guarantees the Buyers’ Advantage

  • The City’s land allocation is subject to the condition that the buyers—young adults and first-time buyers—benefit from the allocated lots.
  • According to conditions imposed in the registration of title-deeds, the price of the units may not appreciate faster than the index.

Overview of Projects and Lots

The Village EcoCompany in Gufunes

All 45 units in Phase 1 for the Village EcoCompany in Gufunes are sold and sales have begun for 65 units in Phase 2. Construction began in late summer 2020 and Phase 2 began construction in October 2019. The total number of units is 137.

Vaxtarhus on the Seamen’s College Lot

Vaxtarhus Affordable Housing on the lot of the Seamen’s College. The lot will have 60 units and the land use plan has been approved. The teams consists of Rafael Pinho, architect, Hreinn Loftsson, lawyer, and Johann Logason the Vaxtarhus CEO.

Hoffell in Gufunes

The construction company Hoffell ehf. plans to build 70 affordable units in Gufunes to sell to first-time buyers. The Architectural Design Studio (i. Teiknistofa arkitekta) handles the design. The buildings will be 5 to 7 stories tall and the average unit will be 60 to 70 square meters (around 700 sq. ft.).

Urdarsel í Ulfarsardalur

Above the street of Skyggnisbraut, the companies Urdarsel, Alverk, Arkthing-Nordic and Efla are planning to build 52-apartment multistory buildings in three parts with underground parking. The land use plan is in progress and construction could begin in the first half of 2021.

HOOS in Skerjafjordur

Frambud ehf., Tvihorf Architects and the engineering firm Efla are developing housing delivered in different building stages (I. þrepahúsnæði) in the northeast part of the new Skerjafjordur area where. The land use plan is being prepared and the planning process includes presentations that started in the fall of 2020. The area should have at least 72 units.

Investis in Kjalarnes

The company Investis ehf. intends to build modular housing, on one to two floors, on a lot of land in Grundarhverfi in Kjalarnes. The design of the houses is ongoing. The housing is expected to be in the form of townhouses, five apartments in a strip or 8 to 12 apartments on two floors.

Variat on Vedurstofuhaed

The Variat Group, which includes the companies Habilus and Teiknistofa arkitekta, is working on the land use plan for a lot to the south of the Meteorological Office. The Group will use imported modules. The picture shows an example of a house in Norway built from the same type of module Habilus can import to Iceland.

Sedrus in Bryggjuhverfi III

The company Sedrus ehf. is planning construction in Lot G of Bryggjuhverfi III, or the pier district, and construction is set to begin in the winter of 2020-2021. The goal of the project is to build a community for people buying their first apartment.

History of the Campaign

The Reykjavik Housing Plan—approved by City Council in June 2017—first identified proposals for cheaper apartments, young adults and first-time buyers.

A task force was formed according to official instructions from the Mayor in order to work on the proposals. In 2017, the task force called for ideas for solutions for affordable housing.

In April 2018, the City Council agreed to provide lots for the project. After that, a campaign was launched with the aim of building more than 500 units.

A total of 68 proposals were received and presented in March 2019. Next, partners were called for and a total of 16 groups applied. The groups presented their ideas in the fall of 2018, and, after an assessment, City Council agreed in early November 2018 to enter into agreements with the nine groups that scored the highest. One of the groups quit the process but the other eight work tirelessly on their projects.