School orchestras

The four school orchestras operated by the City of Reykjavík provide high-quality music education and training. You can pay for lessons using the Recreation Card.


Austurbær School Orchestra

The Austurbær School Orchestra serves Álftamýrarskóli, Breiðagerðiskóli, Fossvogsskóli, Hvassaleitiskóli, Langholtsskóli, Laugalækjarskóli, Laugarnesskóli, Réttarholtsskóli, and Vogaskóli.


Vesturbær and Miðbær School Orchestra

The Vesturbær School Orchestra was founded on November 18, 1954 and was one of the first two school orchestras in Reykjavík.


Grafarvogur School Orchestra

The Grafarvogur School Orchestra serves Borgaskóli, Dalskóli, Engjaskóli, Foldaskóli, Hamraskóli, Húsaskóli, Ingunnarskóli, Rimaskóli, Sæmundarskóli, and Víkurskóli.


Árbær and Breiðholt School Orchestra

The Árbær and Breiðholt School Orchestra was founded in the school year of 1968-1969. It includes children and youth from all primary schools in the Árbær and Breiðholt districts.

The musical instruments

The school orchestras teach all the major metal, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Instruments can be rented from the orchestras upon enrollment.

Educational objectives

Here you will find an overview of the learning objectives for all instruments taught in Reykjavík's school orchestras.

What is the cost of joining the school orchestra?

Click on the links to their fee schedules below to view the cost to study with the school orchestra and rent an instrument for the semester. You can use the Reykjavík City Recreation Card to cover a portion of school orchestra fees.

Role and objective

  • Aim to increase students' ability to perform, analyze, and create music, as well as to listen to and enjoy it
  • Provide equal opportunities for music education
  • Foster social interaction
  • Improve self-discipline, cooperation, and independence
  • Promote increased music education and provide students with opportunities to perform
  • Support the musical development of other young people by performing through primary school orchestras

Documentation and links

Letter to parents regarding applications

Here is a letter to parents about school orchestra applications in Reykjavík for the 2023-2024 school year (IS)

Attitudes of parents of children in school orchestras

The survey was conducted in April and May 2018.

The purpose of the parent survey on behalf of the Department of School and Recreation is primarily fourfold:

  • To ensure parents can provide feedback on services
  • To give workplace administrators feedback on services
  • To give workplace administrators feedback on services
  • To help workplace administrators support the strengths of their operation and improve it further
  • To provide administrators at the Office of the Department of School and Recreation and elected representatives with information about services to fulfill their supervisory duties

All parents who had a child registered in a school orchestra in the spring of 2018 were asked to participate. Questions were only asked about one child per household. The survey was first sent to one parent's email and then the other's.