Department of Environment and Planning

The Environment and Planning Branch (USK) operates on an old basis, but it formally became operational in January 2013 when the Environment and Transport Branch, the Planning and Construction Branch and the Execution and Property Branch were merged.

About the Department

The field therefore plays a multifaceted role, from working with elected representatives on environmental, logistics and transport policies to approving drawings and ensuring health monitoring. In addition, the field controls operations and maintenance and carries out general business activities in the city country such as grass mowing and snowmobiling. The field is also covered by the construction supervisor, the planner and the National Health Service. The field office is in Borgartún 12-14. Country Information manages all databases that contain country-related information and focuses on having accurate and live information, based on a solid foundation. Enhancement, maintenance, processing and delivery of land information are the main tasks, but the Department is also responsible for the management and operation of the land information system, city web and planning visualization, land surveys, land boundary location, issuance of maps, measurement sheets and land drafts. The Environmental and Planning Human Resources Service advises and assists managers on human resources issues such as recruitment, electoral matters, employee rights and obligations, cooperation and team spirit, and conducts supervision where appropriate. The Human Resources Service maintains career development, training and education, and advises and supports managers and positions on communication matters.

Finance Department

The Finance Department of the Environment and Planning manages the finances of the field and provides advice and assistance to employees regarding finance. The department's main tasks are financial and payroll planning, five-year planning, financial and works accounting, invoicing and collection, cost control, monthly and interim statements.

The Office of the Commissioner of Transport and City Design works on the city design and development of transport based on the city's approved strategic objectives. The detailed strategic objectives, planning and preparation of the tasks for the following years in these categories of issues are the responsibility of the Office. The Office's tasks include transport planning in new and older settlements, enforced implementation of the city's public transport policy and cycling programme, squares on standby and summer streets, as well as the design of inner-city open spaces, initial checks for street system changes, traffic counts, traffic light control management, road safety issues, energy exchanges, and traffic acoustics. Customer service delivery to Borgartún 12-14, 105 Reykjavík, is open every working day at 08:20-16:15. 8:20-16:15. Customer service includes receiving building permit applications, building permit design documents, and inquiries, providing information on applications and general construction issues, delivering verified documentation, receiving building managers and industrial masters' registrations for building permits, and requests for evaluations, delivering certificates, and more. A copy of the retained drawings may also be obtained through Customer Service. Please note that the main drawings of houses can be consulted on the CoR's drawing website. Public telephone and interview hours: The telephone hours for time orders for the phased, status evaluation, safety evaluation, final evaluation or for the issuance of building permits are at 8.30–9.30 11.00-12.00 every working day. Telephone hours for withdrawals, property transfer statements, and property listings, as well as more, are at 8.30-9.30 and interview time at 11.00-12.00 every working day. The telephone hours for building permit applications are every working day at 15.00- 6.00 and interview hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Under the agenda item, you will find minutes of meetings of the Civil Service Tribunal, matters under presentation at the Civil Service Tribunal in Borgartún 12-14, such as changes to the Main Estimates, new divisional structure and changes to the divisional structure and matters under promotion, matters pending, new and recently approved divisional plans, overview of the Main Estimates 2001-2024. You will also find here the Metropolitan Zoning Plan and the City Centre Development Plan. At the same time, instructions are given on the creation of a division plan for the planning consultant and a map on housing protection in

Office for Commissioning and Maintenance

The Office is responsible for the foundation of the City of Reykjavik and for all maintenance of the City of Reykjavik's portfolio, i.e. housing units, transport infrastructure and open spaces. The office is divided into four divisions; Human Initial Checks, Building Division, Streets Division and Open Spaces Division. In the office, work on initial observations for anthropogenic as well as preliminary and analytical work is carried out. The Office draws up cost and progress plans, manages procurement and contracting, directs the design and implementation of projects, as well as oversees the actual implementation. The office is also responsible for all maintenance of the city's assets. See more about the Office of Commissioning and Maintenance. The City Land Operations and Care Office is responsible for all day-to-day operations and care of the City and carries out the role of road handler in. The task of the office is the operation of neighbourhood stations, street painting and gardening workshops. The main tasks are wintering, gardening, managing the outskirts of Reykjavik, lawn mowing, cleaning the city land, traffic lights, traffic signs, street lighting, running city bus shelters, taking care of open spaces, running the Reykjavik Cultivation Centre, issuing city permits and monitoring them, street and square sales, and hosting an event in the city land.

The Office of Environmental Quality has two functional units; Nature and Parks and Environmental and Waste Management. The office conducts orientation sessions, pre-tests, and pre-screening of gardens, green spaces, greenery, and playgrounds. The Office of Environmental Quality carries out environmental and nature protection and works on environmental management in the city and the operation of the city. Grassyard, Working School and CoR garbage disposal and pest control are within the competence of the Office. The role of the National Health Service is to carry out hygiene, food and pollution control in the jurisdiction of the District of Reykjavik, pursuant to Law No. 7/1998 on Hygiene and Pollution Prevention, as amended by Law No. 93/1995 on foodstuffs, as amended, and the regulations made thereunder. In this case, the Health Department also supervises dog keeping in the city, according to the approval no. 52/2002 on dog husbandry in The Health Authority issues work permits for all licensed professional activities and carries out routine supervision of them, as well as handling dog and dog keeping issues. The Department of Health is divided into the following departments: food control, environmental control, vigilance and dog control.


Office of the Director-General The Office of the Director-General maintains central services, general operating services and support services for the field. The Office is responsible for servicing the Environment and Planning Council, administrative matters, legal services, field operations and support services to other field offices. The administration of funds for contracts for urban cemeteries and highways is under the authority of the Office of the Site Manager. There is also administration and communication with Part B, companies, committees and boards. The Site Manager manages the strategic direction of USK's areas of responsibility and ensures coherence of the caseload within the city. The Site Manager is the Head of Long Term Strategic Planning, Development, Analysis, Dissemination and Sharing of Country Information, as well as the steering of capacity building through the formulation of master plans and regional plans as well as the dissemination of information on the results and focus of the strategic planning. Local Agenda, Climate, Green Steps, Green City and more projects are under the responsibility of the Site Manager. The site manager is Olaf Örvarsdóttir.