Reykjavík City departments are named in accordance with the councils they serve. Directors administer the departments under the authority of the Mayor, and also draft policy direction with the councils.

Department of Finance and Risk Management

The Department of Finance & Risk Management oversees the City of Reykjavík’s financial control. The Department makes contact with all aspects of Section A of the Reykjavík Municipal Treasury and provides managers with information, support, and control.

Dept. of Human Resources & Work Environments

The Department of Human Resources & Work Environments oversees the City of Reykjavík's human resources and supports the policies and key priorities of the City’s administration.

Department of Culture & Sport

Reykjavík City's Department of Culture & Sport works to enhance the quality of life in the city through the operation of cultural institutions, sports facilities, and supporting the grassroots of the art scene, sports, and children's culture.

Department of Education & Youth

The Department of Education & Youth provides comprehensive services to children and families in Reykjavík and contributes to the continuity of any work that has the well-being of children and their families at heart.

Department of Environment & Planning

The Department of Environment & Planning is built on an old foundation. The Department officially took up its duties in January 2013 with the merger of the Department of Environment & Transportation, Department of Planning & Construction, and the Construction Division of the Department of Construction & Properties.

Department of Welfare

The Department of Welfare provides a wide range of services—mostly to help improve the quality of life of Reykjavík City residents.

It oversees around 120 workplaces, including 64 that provide 24-hour service.

Department of Service & Innovation

The Department of Service & Innovation is one of the three core departments of the City of Reykjavík. The Department’s main function is to take care of the City of Reykjavík's internal and external services and to promote innovation in the City’s activities.