Food inspection

The guiding principle of food inspection is to ensure, as much as possible, that the drinking water and food consumed by city residents are safe and healthy. Additionally, to protect the quality derived from clean drinking water and food.


The role of the Public Health Authority's food inspection in Reykjavík is to supervise accommodations, food items, and hygiene practices in their production and distribution.

Permit issuance

The Food Inspection issues operating permits to companies that produce or distribute food according to the Act on Foodstuffs, and to accommodations in accordance with the Act on Hygiene and Pollution Prevention.

Portable food operations

For mobile food operations, this encompasses food carts, other food-on-wheels ventures, food booths, and food markets.

Importing food products

Information for those intending to import food into Iceland and sell to retailers or central kitchens (food wholesalers).


Laws, regulations, and resolutions

Here you can find links to websites on laws and regulations for regulated companies, along with City of Reykjavík's resolutions and guidelines for such companies


Inspection results

Here are the results of regular inspections conducted by the Reykjavík Public Health Authority in businesses across Reykjavík that require operating permits


Education and guidance

Here, you can access educational resources and guidance provided by the Food Inspection Authority for food businesses


Food information

Here you'll find rules regarding food information that must be displayed on packaging, which are designed primarily to protect consumers


Fee schedule

This section contains the fee schedule for pollution and health inspections



Here are the definitions and requirements for accommodations


Companies requiring operating licenses

Here is information about businesses that need to apply for operating permits. In addition to a permit from the Reykjavík Public Health Authority, you must apply for an operating license from the District Commissioner of Greater Reykjavík


Drinking water samples

Here is information on the results of drinking water sample analyses

Reykjavík Public Health Authority

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