Commissioning & Maintenance

The Office of Commissioning and Maintenance is responsible for all works related to Reykjavik City's manpower, its premises, street systems and open spaces. This includes their construction and maintenance. Decisions on the new procedures are taken by the city council and approved by the city council.


As a basis for the implementation of each year, there is an approved investment plan and, in the longer term, a 3-year employment and financial plan. The consultation and approval process for implementation takes into account the lifetime of human beings: From the stage of their preparation, where the major lines are laid based on the assumptions given, to the design and scheduling when more detailed elaborations are available, as well as cost calculations. At each of these levels, stakeholders, residents and users are consulted. At the end of each episode, the cases are presented within the city system and, depending on the incidents, approved in the relevant council.

When a manpower is ready, responsibility for managing the manpower is transferred to the City Property Office, which, among other things, is responsible for the operation of the property and includes the Environment and Planning Department in charge of maintenance. It communicates with users of the app and receives tips from residents and users.

Implementation horizon

Here you can keep track of the main activities carried out on the city's roads.

Office of Commissioning and Maintenance (SFV)

The Office of Operations and Maintenance (SFV) is responsible for founding and maintaining the CoR's portfolio of assets, namely housing units, transport infrastructure and open spaces under a service agreement between the Financial and Risk Management Office (FÁS) and the Environmental and Organisational Affairs Department (USK).

The Property Office is responsible for and leads the work on the investment plan of the foundation and maintenance in cooperation with the USK. SFV's role is to promote the best procedures, practicality, quality and efficiency in the execution of city roads.

The Office of Commissioning and Maintenance carries out initial checks, needs analysis and pre-design of projects before making the final decision on commissioning. After that, SFV is responsible for full project design, scheduling, execution and project monitoring. Manpower and works in the city are designed to be tendered in consultation with relevant disciplines and implementations presented to the relevant councils.
SFV is responsible for conducting its procurement activities in accordance with the City's procurement policy and procurement rules and, as such, communicates with the Procurement Department on the procurement of goods, services and works.

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