Land Use Plans

A land use plan is a more detailed description of a municipal plan for a defined area or plot. The land use plan provides for building patterns, house types, landscaping, activities, lot boundaries, etc. The land use plans apply to urban and rural areas, large and small neighborhoods, intersections, port installations, outdoor spaces, noise barriers, anti-avalanche earthworks, and more. The land use plan includes terms for the issuance of development permits.

Urban Planning Viewer

In the Reykjavik City Urban Planning Viewer, you can access approved land use plans and the Reykjavik City municipal plan. The service is open to everyone in Icelandic and free of charge.

Step One

The first step for local government in making a proposal for a land use plan is to compile a description of the urban planning project, seek comments for the planning description, and present it to the public.

Who Is Responsible?

The local government is responsible for and prepares land use plans. The land use plan sets out the planning terms for development and construction, such as requirements for construction density, house types, lot sizes, lot boundaries, building locations on lots, parking lots, and landscaping.