Cleaning and care

Many things need to be considered when cleaning, caring for, and maintaining your area of Reykjavík.

Spring Cleaning - Let's shake our hands

The CoR urges the city's citizens to join forces in cleaning up the city after winter and welcoming spring with a smile. There is a call for greater initiative and accountability on the part of city residents, and attention is drawn to the fact that waste recycling centres accept garden waste and branch cuttings at no cost to residents.

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Snow clearing and slippery protection

When snow falls or slippages develop in Reykjavík, work is carried out according to the winter service contingency plan and snow shifts take place. Situations are routinely monitored and manpower called out as required.

Grass mowing

When spring comes and the grounds heal, you have to start paying attention to grass dowels. The CoR takes care of grass mowing in areas belonging to the city. Grass is mown in parks, on urban highways, on the city's institutional grounds and other areas belonging to Reykjavík.

Please note that resident land is not entered. You can learn about land boundaries in City Web View. You can also track the status of your lawn mowing in City Web Viewer. See Landmarks in City Webview

Benches and debris ramps

On the benches of the city, you can rest lukewarm bones and enjoy the surroundings. The garbage ramps, which are located at every corner of the city, among other things, help keep our environment clean.

In downtown Reykjavik, stamps are emptied daily. Stamps in other places in the city are usually emptied weekly. The emphasis is on having the garbage cans visible and in alphabetical order. There are also garbage ramps located at every bench in the city.

The CoR carries out ongoing bench maintenance - whether due to weather and winds or vandalism.

Cleaning of streets and pedestrian crossings

Not all of us come well from winter - it knows streets and hiking trails. That's why the main focus of their cleaning is in spring and into summer, although they also get a little overhaul in autumn to prepare for the coming winter.