Older people

Older people are diverse and have different needs. Some people in the group need help with basic daily activities while others need little or no day to day service. The goal is for people to live in their own homes for as long as they choose, getting various support that allows them to lead meaningful lives and participate actively in society.

Counseling for older people and their emergency contacts

Older people are a diverse group with a diverse range of needs. Older people, and their emergency contacts, receive guidance through counseling. The aim of the counseling is to help individuals understand the services available and support them in leading independent and active lifestyles.

Home support

Home support is based on people’s living circumstances. It includes social interaction and support for daily tasks and general housekeeping. You may be eligible for home support if you need assistance due to reduced ability, stress, illness or family circumstances.

Home-delivered food

It is important for all people to be able to have a hearty and nutritious meal every day. People who can't cook on their own can have food delivered right to their door. The food is prepared at the production kitchen of the welfare department at Vitatorg.

Social activities

Active participation in social activities livens up the day and counters social isolation. There are many community centers in Reykjavík, offering a variety of fun and rewarding activities for adults.