Residential care

Home nursing is for people of all ages who live at home and need regular health services. It involves visits by nurses or practical nurses and is provided in close cooperation with users and their families.

How do I apply for residential care?

The first step is to see a healthcare worker, such as doctors and nurses in clinics or hospitals. They assess the need for home care and send a request for the service to the City of Reykjavík. Residential care usually begins two to three working days after the request is received.

What happens next?

At the beginning of residential care, a nurse visits and further assesses how much service you need. This is done in consultation with you and your relatives, depending on the situation.

How much does the residential care cost?

Residential care is provided to you free of charge.

SELMA - Visits and phone consultations

SELMA is a team of nurses and doctors whose goal is to improve healthcare services for individuals receiving residential care and experiencing sudden illness or a decline in their health. The aim is to prevent people from being admitted to emergency care because of illness that can be treated at home.

Integrated home care services

Integrated home care services (home support and home nursing) provide personalized care. The goal is to enable people to live at home as long as they wish, despite illness or disability.

Where can I find out more?

You can call 411 9600 or email