Waste collection

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Let's do our part to keep our environment clean! The role of the Reykjavík City Waste Collection Department is to collect waste from homes in Reykjavík. You can choose the most suitable bins for your home, and thus choose the level of service that works for you.

New sorting system

The municipalities in the capital area adopt a new and uniform classification system for household waste. With the Act on the Circular Economy, which entered into force in January 2023, it will be mandatory to classify household waste into four categories at home. The categories are: Paper, plastic packaging, organic waste (food scraps) and mixed waste.  The four categories do not necessarily mean that people will have four bins at their home. The main goal is to increase the number of bins for residents as little as possible.

Let’s use the correct bin

The bins will be replaced once implementation begins and residents will not need to take any action in this respect. For most households, there will be little change in the number of bins as many households already sort plastic and paper. The biggest change is that all households will get a bin for food scraps. In some cases, bins will be replaced with double bins.

Multi-family housing

There are different rules for waste collection in multi-family dwellings and single-family dwellings. This is because changes in the number and types of bins in a multi-family residence affect the fees residents pay for garbage collection.

Return of recyclables

When we contribute and sort correctly, we are helping to ensure that we can continue to recycle and reuse what is no longer useful to us. Are you throwing your waste in the right bin?



Waste bin accessibility and maintenance

It is important that waste collectors get to waste bins safely and unhindered. It not only saves time during unloading, it also affects the number of accidents, worker health, and ensures a better and cheaper service for your home. Are your bins easily accessible?

Table of fees

It is cheaper for you to throw away less and sort more! If there are changes in the number of waste containers, or the frequency of unloading, the change in fees is based on the week in which the change is requested.


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