Youth Climate Action Fund in Reykjavík

Are you aged 15-24 and want to contribute to solving the climate crisis? Do you have a project idea you want to implement?

Reykjavík City and Bloomberg Philanthropies have established the Youth Climate Action Fund to support projects combating the climate crisis.


The fund aims to activate youth (ages 15-24) in finding solutions to the climate crisis. It provides support for projects that are designed and executed by young people aged 15-24.


  • Projects must support and reference Reykjavík's Climate Policy
  • Application deadline: June 25, 2024 at 11:59pm
  • Support amounts: ISK 140,000 to ISK 690,000
  • Allocation results are expected to be announced by early September
  • More than one application can be submitted to the fund
  • Projects must be completed by December 31, 2024
  • Questions about the fund can be sent to Benedikt Traustason

FAQs about the Youth Climate Action Fund

Who can apply for support?

  • Youth aged 15-24 or organizations that work on behalf of people in that age group
  • Applications must be submitted through organizations, groups, or schools
  • Individuals cannot receive support unless working on a project in collaboration with an organization

What projects can receive support?

  • New projects addressing the climate crisis
  • Projects designed and executed by youth aged 15-24
  • Projects related to Reykjavík's Climate Policy

How do I apply?

  • Apply for support using the application form further down the page
  • The application deadline is June 25 at 11:59pm

What can the support be used for?

  • Expenses directly related to the project
  • Material costs (e.g., shovels, seedlings, paint, rental of facilities)
  • Direct participation costs (e.g., bus fare, refreshments)
  • Salaries

What can't the support be used for?

  • Equipment (e.g., computers, monitors)
  • Costs related to daily operations
  • Reykjavík City projects already supported by the City
  • Political projects or those directly associated with political activities
  • Educational grants or direct support to individuals
  • Fees for speaking at events

How much money is in the Fund?

  • The total support amount is about ISK 5,600,000. Multiple projects will be supported.

Examples of eligible projects

Note that projects not on this list are also considered.

Education, research, and increased understanding of the climate crisis

  • Establishment of a youth climate council in Reykjavík
  • Educational projects in schools
  • Hackathons
  • Climate-related research and opinion polls
  • Artistic creations or events by youth raising climate awareness
  • Awareness campaigns

Climate action and adaptation projects

  • Projects related to transportation
  • Projects encouraging sustainable travel habits
  • Ecosystem restoration and tree planting in defined forestry areas
  • Circular economy projects (e.g., waste reduction, recycling, repairs)

Examples of projects that won't be supported

  • Projects related to political activities
  • Projects related to religious activities
  • Advocacy for changes in legislation
  • Lobbying for specific groups

What are the application evaluation criteria?

  • Is the project designed and executed by youth aged 15-24
  • Does the project relate to Reykjavík's climate policy
  • Is the applicant a defined organization, school, or group working with youth
  • Will the project be executed in Reykjavík
  • Will the project be completed by December 31, 2024
  • Does the project have a strong concept and clear objectives
  • Is the project likely to reduce emissions or aid adaptation to climate change
  • The project uses innovative or creative methods to achieve its goals
  • The project has a clear work and timeline
  • Is the project likely to empower youth aged 15-24
  • Is the budget clear, with support requested for eligible expenses