Green city

The Green Deal's vision for environmental and climate issues.

Reykjavík is a flourishing, enjoyable, and healthy city that will be carbon neutral by 2040.

Below, you can see the main goals for environmental and climate issues in Reykjavík by 2030.

1. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Reykjavík City aims to become carbon-neutral by 2040 and adapt to climate change in an environmentally friendly and humane way.

2. Increased carbon sequestration and enhancement of green areas

The City's goals for enhancing carbon sequestration and green spaces by 2030 include increased cultivation, utilization, and connectivity between green spaces.

3. The city is adapted to the impacts of climate change

Reykjavík City's goals for adapting to the impacts of climate change by 2030 involve both combating climate change and adapting to it.

4. Improved access to healthy recreational options and food

Reykjavík City's objectives for improving access to healthy outdoor activities and food by 2030 emphasize public health goals and increased urban living.

5. EcoTransportation

The City's investment objectives in transportation infrastructure by 2030 aim for green and diverse solutions.