Do you want to work with us?

Do you want to be a part of a fun and cohesive team at one of Reykjavík City's many after-school programs? Do you want to take advantage of your hobbies when working with children and helping them practice social interaction? Flexible, fun-filled jobs in the City's after-school programs await you.

About after-school programs

After-school programs employ a group of people of all ages and backgrounds who work to promote constructive recreation, enhance social skills, and develop the interests of 6-9 year old children. The staff of the after-school programs makes use of their multiple interests in order to offer a wide range of fun activities for the children.

How do I use my hobbies at work?

Over the years, diverse teams of after-school program staff have developed a large number of special interest clubs, and there is no limit to what can be offered. Would you like to share your interest in role-playing, sports, music, outdoor activities, cooking, or anything else with the children in your neighborhood? Then the after-school program is the place to be.

But I don't fit in there, do I?

After-school programs employ a diverse group of staff with different backgrounds and abilities. We want our teams to have diverse role models for the diverse group of children. If you enjoy human interaction, want to work in a cheerful and positive environment, then the after-school program is the place for you.

Convenient working hours

The after-school program working hours are flexible, as they are open from 1:40pm to 5pm every weekday. Some people work every day, while others work 3-4 days a week. This flexibility has proven useful for university students and also for creative people who prefer to work on their own projects part of the day as opposed to working for the City.

Get a job close to home

Working close to home saves time and money. The City’s after-school programs all belong to Recreation Centers divided by district, and you can apply to work in the neighborhood you want to work in that suits you. If you can use environmentally friendly modes of transport, you are entitled to a transport subsidy. The job also comes with Reykjavík City’s swim pass and Culture Pass, as well as various union grants.

Your role as a recreation instructor

After-school program jobs are both varied and fun. Each day involves a new challenge and new exciting activities. There you can, among other things:

  • Participate in organizing an exciting program for the children
  • Guide children in democratic practices
  • Assist children in orienting themselves in social interactions
  • Promote friendship and enhance children's friendship skills

Job perks

Apart from the fun of working in a preschool, the job comes with a number of perks.

  • Swim pass
  • Transport subsidy
  • Culture Pass
  • Shorter work week