Disabled people

Disabled individuals may need support to live an independent and fulfilling life on their own terms as active members of society. Reykjavík City prioritizes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in its services for disabled individuals. This recognizes the diversity of human life and the fact that disabled individuals enjoy human rights equal to those of others.

Counseling for disabled individuals and their families

Disabled individuals can face various obstacles in their daily lives. Counseling for disabled individuals involves personalized support and guidance for individuals. The goal of counseling is to assist individuals in understanding the available services and help them live an independent and active life.

Support services for disabled individuals

Support services are available for disabled adults based on their circumstances and they are provided where best suited, whether it is at their home, outside the home, or through digital solutions. People are supported in determining the goal of the service and how it is delivered.

Housing for disabled individuals

It is important for individuals who want to live independently to have the option of realizing that dream. Disabled individuals can obtain housing at an affordable rental rate, in addition to receiving appropriate support that meets their needs.

Driving services for disabled people

Disabled individuals who cannot make use of public transport or their own vehicle may be eligible for driving services. The goal of the service is for people to be able to get around when they want to.


Pant is responsible for driving services for disabled people.

Employment and activity

Work is a big and important part of people's lives. Many disabled people possess valuable experience and knowledge that can be used in a variety of jobs, but sometimes they require assistance or working facilities, accessibility, working hours and tasks that meet their needs, generally called reasonable accommodations.

User-Controlled Personal Assistance (NPA)

NPA (User-Controlled Personal Assistance) is based on the philosophy of independent living. Disabled individuals who use NPA manage their own services, deciding what assistance they need, how it is structured, and who provides it.