Social counseling

Social counseling is meant to support people helping themselves through a wide range of methods so that people can best enjoy themselves in the community.

How do I apply for social counseling? 

You book a call with a counselor who provides social counseling, guides you through applying for the services that are appropriate for your needs and assists you in preparing the application if needed.

Am I entitled to social counseling? 

All people aged 18 and over who have legal residence in Reykjavík can seek social counseling free of charge from the City of Reykjavík. 

What counseling is available?

First you will receive counseling over the phone. The counseling may address many aspects, among them financial aid, support for housing search, activities during unemployment and due to reduced working capacity. 

Counselors work with people and provide information on various services as well as referring people to the appropriate resources in each case. 

What happens next?

In some cases, one phone call is enough. In other cases, ongoing counseling is required. A counselor will guide you through the next steps and arrange further interviews if necessary. After that, an agreement on social counseling is made in the form of an individual plan. 

Rehabilitation and activity

Virknihús offers various rehabilitation and activity options for people who receive social counseling. The goal is to improve people’s quality of life and increase their opportunities in life, focusing on self-empowerment, learning and recovery. 

Where can I find out more?

Social counseling is provided on the basis of the following legislation: