Financial Aid


People may need financial aid in a number of situations. Financial aid is provided for individuals and families who are unable make a living without assistance, with a view to supporting people for self-help and maintaining themselves.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You submit an online application through My Pages. You can apply at any time of the month. You apply for on month of aid at a time. The application is not valid until you choose to submit it.

If you don't have an electronic ID to apply on the web, you can request help from a service center in your neighborhood.

How much financial aid is available?

Individuals can receive up to 217,799 kr. in financial aid per month. Married couples and common-law partners can receive up to 348,476 kr. in financial aid per month.

Am I entitled to financial aid?

You could be eligible for financial aid if you are at least 18 years old, you have legal residence in Reykjavik and you meet the criteria for income and assets. The aid may take the form of a loan or a grant. Individuals and families may receive assistance under special circumstances, including help around the home, for studying or because of unexpected trauma.

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