Reykjavik City Rainbow Certification

All Reykjavik City workplaces can obtain Rainbow Certification. The aim of Reykjavik City’s Rainbow Certification is to make Reykjavik City more LGBT+ friendly, both for employees and service recipients, thus preventing direct and indirect discrimination against LGBT+ people.

The Certification Process

Workplaces initiate contact and request Rainbow Certification,and the entire staff must take part. The process includes a questionnaire about the workplace; an evaluation of the workplace/environment etc. depending on the situation; training for the entire team lasting a total of 4.5 hours; creating an action plan; receiving a brochure for staff; a flag, logo, and poster (when a workplace obtains Rainbow Certification); and feedback.

It is important that the staff is informed that they are going through the certification process and of its purpose—and support from managers is key. In order to maintain the Rainbow Certification, the workplace must receive 1.5 hours of training at least once every three years, but further training may always be requested as needed.

Staff Roles

It is good to note that the success of the Rainbow Certification relies on the staff that takes part, that is, their task is to take the training, information, and materials and connect these things with their workplace in order to create a more LGBT+ friendly workplace and services. Managers always lead their team in this work, but it is also good to appoint an employee who is specifically responsible for LGBT+ issues. Note, however, that all staff is jointly responsible for ensuring a more LGBT+ friendly workplace and services. The Human Rights and Democracy Office is always ready to assist and advise.


Training is central to the Rainbow Certification, but the certification is based on a number of interesting projects relating to queerness, and there is also focus on exploring ways in which each workplace can be LGBT+ friendly. The training is adapted to suit each workplace. Overall, there are 4.5 hours of training, but the number and length of training sessions can be adapted depending on what suits each workplace, as the activities of each City workplace can be very different. For some dividing the training into shorter sessions, for others it is might be best to go through the all the training at once (4.5 hours), for example on a professional development day.

Would you like to participate?

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Diverse backgrounds have a positive impact

The operations and services of workplaces benefit when employees come from different walks of live and have diverse backgrounds, as this brings more and different perspectives to the table. However, this only happens if employees experience safety and respect at work. This is ensured, for example, by equal opportunity and human rights policies, which generally have a beneficial impact on workers and result in innovation and improved performance. To do even better, it must be ensured that policies actually work, that is that they are enforced, actions are tied to them, and staff is informed about them and their impact. Reykjavik City's Rainbow Certification is an example of an action based on a human rights policy.

Rainbow Certified Workplaces

Here you can check which workplaces have already received Reykjavik City’s Rainbow Certification.

LGBT+ Issues

Reykjavik City Human Rights & Democracy Office.

If you have questions about LGBT+ issues at the City of Reykjavik, including about the Rainbow Certification, you can email