City Hall Offices

City Hall houses the activities of City Council and the Mayor of Reykjavik, as well as other administrative offices.

Office of the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer

The main purpose of the Office of the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer is to serve the public offices of the Mayor and CEO. In addition, the Office oversees central support services and coordination within the administration.

Office of the City Council

The Office of the City Council conducts all administration for the City Council, City Executive Council, Presidium, and various other committees. This includes the receipt and handling of documentation, the preparation of meetings, such as the drafting and broadcasting of agendas, the conduct of meetings, including the drafting of minutes, and advice to the Chair and other meeting participants. In addition, the completion of documentation and notification of concluded matters, publication of minutes of meetings, and providing information to the public.

Office of Human Rights & Democracy

The Office of Human Rights & Democracy implements the decisions of the Human Rights, Innovation & Democracy Council. The Council acts under the authority of the Reykjavik City Executive Council and develops policies, takes decisions, and makes recommendations to the Council on human rights.

City Attorney

The City Attorney represents the City of Reykjavik and its agencies on legal matters. The City Attorney serves as the City’s lawyer and legal representative and draws up contracts on behalf of the City.