User-driven personal assistance


The NPA is based on the philosophy of independent living. Disabled people with NPAs themselves control the organization of the program, decide what assistance is provided, how it is organized, and who provides it. The first step in applying for an NPA is to schedule a call from a consultant.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The first step is to schedule a call. The call will review your status and needs. As a result, you will be invited to an interview with a consultant, who will jointly decide what support is appropriate and your application will be signed.

Am I eligible for the NPA?

To be eligible for the NPA, you must meet the following criteria: Have legal residence in Reykjavik when support starts. If you do not live in Reykjavik, you can apply for an NPA if you plan to move there. Needs support for more than 15 hours per week. Have a confirmed disability diagnosis. Be 18 years old. In the case of a child, parents must apply. Live independently or in parent houses. If you live in a residence for people with disabilities, you can apply for an NPA if you are aiming to move to an independent residence. People aged 67 and over may be eligible for the NPA if their disability is not due to age-related impairment. What is my role as a user with NPA?

A user with an NPA goes himself with task control. He has management responsibility for the implementation of the NPA. The manager signs a cooperation agreement with the CoR and is the employer of the NPA's support staff. His main duties are to:

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Where can I find out more?

The NPA is provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:

The Act on Services for Persons with Disabilities with Long-Term Support Needs, No User-Driven Personal Assistance Regulations No. CoR rules on user-driven personal assistance for people with disabilities

For more information about user-driven personal assistance, please contact the Welfare Service Desk team. You can also call the Reykjavik City Customer Service at 4 11 11 11 or email