My Neighborhood

Do you have a good idea for your district? My Neighborhood is democracy projects that takes place every two years. It enables Reykjavík residents to influence their immediate surroundings by submitting ideas for new projects that make our city better. 

About the project

This is a joint project of residents and the administration of the City. The project basically concerns the funding prioritizing of projects. Each district receives a fixed amount, which is evenly distributed between districts, along with an additional amount that is determined by the number of residents in each district. 

What is the process?

The project is divided into idea collection, concept review, online voting, and project implementation. The aim is to engage the public in democratic debate and decision-making. 

Idea collection

Reykjavík residents are asked to submit projects to be voted on in the district voting of My Neighborhood. The idea collection lasts a few weeks and is well advertised through Reykjavík City’s media channels. 

There are a number of things you can do to increase your idea’s chances of advancing to the vote. The best ideas involve City improvements and novel creations in the districts. This is not about finding suggestions for fixing something old. 

Review of ideas

Ideas are reviewed after they are collected. A committee from the City reviews all proposals to ensure alignment with the project rules. Of those ideas, 15 of the most popular ideas in each district will automatically move forward. The district’s residents’ council then selects 10 more ideas.  

When evaluating ideas, project staff consider all means of implementing ideas so that they comply with the project rules and can be added to the vote. In some cases, idea creators are contacted to further clarify or modify an idea so that it meets the rules of the project. 

Online district voting

The vote is between 25 ideas in each district. The voting takes place on a website where the user authenticates securely (using an IceKey or electronic ID). Participation is open to anyone turning 15 and older in the year of voting who has legal domicile in Reykjavík.

Project implementation

Following the voting, the project design and tender process begins, with a consultation with the local community before the implementation of the ideas voted for. 

Idea creators and residents’ councils may be consulted on the implementation of the projects, especially in cases where the ideas, or their location, need to be changed. Idea creators are also invited to a consultation meeting with the project team of My Neighborhood, where they can further elaborate on their idea. 


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