Equal pay system

Reykjavík City, the largest employer in Iceland, received the equal pay certification in December 2019 and has since passed maintenance evaluations. The maintenance evaluation confirmed that the equal pay system of Reykjavík City is effective and meets the requirements of the standard ÍST 85:2012.

Emphasis on equality

Reykjavík City's Equal Pay Policy states that all Reykjavík City employees should enjoy equal wages and equal benefits for similar and/or equally valuable jobs.

Over the past years, concerted efforts have been made to eliminate gender-based wage differences within the City. The corrected gender pay gap at Reykjavík City was measured at 0.1% in an analysis of the gender wage gap for 2023.

Submission to the committee about the equal pay system regarding equal pay matters

Reykjavík City has an equal pay system committee that receives, processes, and records submissions regarding the equal pay system and equal pay matters. Parties interested in making a submission to the committee are advised to fill out a form.

Salary analyses and the development of gender-based wage gap

Salary analyses are conducted annually to measure gender-based wage differences. The diagram below shows the development of the gender wage gap at Reykjavík City over the years.


Standardized figures on the development of the gender wage gap in total wages of Reykjavík City staff from 1995 to 2023.