Equal Pay Policy

The CoR's equal pay policy covers all city staff. The City Council is responsible for the equal pay policy.

CoR staff shall enjoy equal pay and the same preferences for the same and/or equally valuable jobs. There shall be no unexplained gender pay gap.

The City of Reykjavik's Equal Pay Policy 2022-2030 (PDF)
Jafnlaunastefna Reykjavíkurborgar 2022-2030 (PDF)
Polityka Równych Płac Miasta Reykjavik 2022-2030 (PDF)

Focus on equality

Over the years, the CoR has devoted a great deal of attention to equal opportunities and within the city, significant efforts have been made to eliminate gender-based pay gaps. That is why signals can be seen in various city-wide plans, policies and actions.

The CoR's equal pay policy was adopted on May 24, 2022.


The Sector Manager for Human Resources and the Environment is responsible for the equal pay system and compliance with laws and international obligations regarding equal status and equal rights for women and men. The Site Manager is the CoR's representative for the equal pay system and is responsible for its introduction and maintenance in accordance with ISST 85:2012. The Human Resources and Environmental Area Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all staff involved in salary decisions at the CoR are well informed about the equal pay system, the procedures related to it and the laws and regulations governing equal pay.

The CoR is committed to implementing, documenting and maintaining an equal pay system in line with ISST 85:2012 requirements. The CoR has introduced procedures and defined remuneration criteria to ensure that employees are paid for their work based on its value regardless of gender, gender identity or other irrelevant considerations.

The CoR is a single place to work, focusing on equality and equal opportunities and ensuring that the diversity of the workforce reflects the diversity of society and city life.


In order to achieve the objectives set, the CoR will:

  • Implement a certified equal pay system based on ISST 85:2012, document it and maintain it.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and collective agreements in force at all times and verify compliance.
  • Conduct internal evaluations and evacuation of managers annually.
  • Conduct an annual salary analysis comparing equally valuable jobs to ensure there is no gender pay gap. The main results should be presented to staff.
  • Respond to unexplained pay gaps through continuous monitoring and improvement where necessary.
  • Present its equal pay policy to the workforce and have it available on the CoR's website.

With the adoption of this equal pay policy, the CoR's previous wage policy is repealed. This equal pay policy is an inalienable part of the CoR's human resources policy and human rights policy.

Gender pay gap

The Faculty of Social Sciences conducted a salary analysis to see if there is a difference between the salaries of women and men employed by the CoR.


According to the analysis, the gender pay gap between city staff has been reduced since its measurements began.