Animal Keeping

Reykjavik City offers many services concerning pets. Residents are allowed to keep hens, and the City has effective pest control. Keeping livestock is subject to special rules.

What do Reykjavik Animal Services (DYR) do?

Reykjavik Animal Services (DYR) is responsible for the issue of pets and other animals in trouble within city limits. Animal Services manage animal registration, offer education and information, capture and house stray animals, and communicate with other organizations, animal owners and their representative associations.

All livestock must be kept in custody and the livestock caretaker has full responsibility concerning the livestock. The role of Pest Control is to keep pests to a minimum through pest elimination, providing information and preventive activities.

Animal Services also monitors the applicable resolutions on animal keeping at each time. Special procedures are in place between Animal Services and Reykjavik Public Health Authority.



Registering dogs is mandatory in Reykjavik.



It is mandatory to microchip cats.


Animals in Need

How do we help animals in need?



Sheep, cows, horses, and other livestock.



Reykjavik City runs a pest control program.


Other animals

Hens and rabbits in Reykjavik.

Do you need approval for keeping animals?

By printing this document, you may be able to collect signatures and obtain approval for keeping animals.

Reykjavik Animal Services



  • Address: Laugardalur Livestock Zoo

  • Email:

  • Phone Number: 822 7820

For urgent matters at night and on weekends, please contact the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police.