Brown bin for organic kitchen waste

A brown bin for organic waste is the next step in waste management. You can order and get a brown bin in Grafarvogur, Grafarholt and Úlfarsárdalur, Árbær, and Norðlingaholt. We will announce when brown bins become available in other districts.

How much does the brown bin cost?

What can go in the brown bin?

Organic kitchen waste

  • Food leftovers, meat, and fish (including bones)
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Bread and cakes
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Kitchen towels and napkins
  • Cut flowers and plants

What can NOT go in the brown bin?

Plastic and plastic bags

  • You must use compostable bags or paper bags

Recyclable paper or cardboard

  • Paper and cardboard should be returned to a drop-off center or recycling center, in a blue bin, or in other recycling bins

Refundable beverage containers

  • Packaging with a return fee should be returned to drop-off centers, recycling centers or Endurvinnslan

Other things that can NOT go in the brown bin

  • Excessive waste
  • Metals
  • Batteries
  • Toxic waste
  • Glass
  • Garments
  • Medicines

The waste may be put in compostable bags or paper bags, but not in plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags as they may also contain plastic. You can also wrap waste in a newspaper and place it in the bin. If waste is not contained in the bin, it becomes dirty and can become smelly. Residents are responsible for cleaning bins.

Details for residents