The City of Reykjavik is the second largest maintainer of roads in the country, and the City has many different types of streets. The City's street spaces are constantly being improved, made more eco-friendly, lush, and safe—and they must serve all modes of travel. 

Studded Tires

The right tires deliver the highest levels of safety, making everyone better off. Which tires are right for you?

Snow & Ice Clearing

When snow falls or if there is slippery ice in Reykjavik, we work according to the winter service contingency plan, and the snow shift goes to work. The conditions are routinely monitored, and teams are sent out as required.


Green Cars

Vehicles that run exclusively on electricity or hydrogen and are less than 5 meters in length, may receive an eco-friendly clock disc issued by the City of Reykjavik. Disc parking entitles the user to park free of charge for 90 minutes in a paid parking space, if a valid eco-friendly clock disc is in the windshield of the motor vehicle.

Future Vision

The promotion of eco-friendly travel habits is a guiding principle of all Reykjavik City policies. The key to success in changing travel habits is to ensure that decisions about urban compaction and improvements pertaining to public transport, cycling, and pedestrians are considered together.

Goods Delivery

Although loading and unloading goods is an essential part of city life, the interaction between that and other traffic can create problems. Below, you'll learn about the existing rules and get guidance designed to make sure everything goes according to plan.