The purpose of the Reykjavik Pathway System is to allow residents and guests to travel around the city safely, comfortably, and eco-friendly.

Walking Lights

You should be familiar with the blue oblong button boxes that are found on many of the city's walkway lights. Reykjavík is currently working on upgrading all walkway lights in the city with the installation of identical button boxes. Have you been thinking about how they work?

Did you know that at traffic lights there are two different types of boxes? One type has a button to request a green light, while the other type has no button. The boxes that do not have a button are used at intersections, where the green light always comes up at regular intervals. Whether the button boxes have or without a green light request button, they emit an acoustic signal to enable the blind and visually impaired to distinguish the green light from the red. The most recent type of box has a panel on the bottom that can be pressed and raised in the sound signal. The panel also includes vibrations for people with integrated vision and hearing loss. On the side of the boxes there is a raised map of the intersection, which makes it possible to understand the number of lanes, the direction of traffic and whether there is a traffic island between lanes. More about home care

Snow clearing

When snow falls or slippages develop in Reykjavík, work is carried out according to the winter service contingency plan and snow shifts take place. Situations are routinely monitored and manpower called out as required.