Building matters

The Building Commissioner's Office oversees building matters and construction in Reykjavík. This includes issuing building permits for constructing, altering, or demolishing structures.

Building Commissioner

The Building Commissioner's Office in Reykjavík is responsible for issuing building permits, as well as reviewing and approving general plans, secondary plans (blueprints), implementation plans, and permits to start construction. The Building Commissioner also reviews design documents and inspections for all construction projects.

Building permits

Online applications for building permits are processed through the Housing and Construction Authority's (HMS) application portal. Building permits are required for developments subject to building permits. Examples include excavating foundations, erecting, demolishing or moving structures, altering load-bearing or piping systems, or changing a structure's use, appearance, or form. You can find detailed information about which projects require a building permit in the building regulation.

Registration of responsible parties

Registration of construction managers, master tradesmen, and lead designers is now online with the City of Reykjavík. Registration takes place through the City's My Pages portal, where you can fill out the registration forms without printing anything and sign documents electronically.


The Building Commissioner conducts phase evaluations at various stages of construction and confirms that the building is a roofed structure and can be put into use. Once construction is complete, the structure is checked to ensure it meets all requirements.

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