C40 Reykjavík Meet-Up

Kynningarfundur um grænar þróunarlóðir var haldinn í Ráðhúsi Reykjavíkur mánudaginn 2. mars 2020 kl. 10:00. Sjá frétt á íslensku: Alþjóðleg hugmyndasamkeppni um uppbyggingu. Kynningar verða fluttar á ensku.


Coffee and light refreshments served from 9:30 AM
Presentations 10:00 - 11.00 AM

  • Costanza De Stefani: Presentation of C40 and Reinventing cities.
  • Þráinn Hauksson, Architect T:ark : Feedback of last year winning project, Living Landscape.   
  • Þórhildur Fjóla Kristjánsdóttir: Green Building Council Iceland.
  • Dagur B. Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavík: Overview of the sites of Reykjavik.
  • Q&A with the attendees.

Reykjavík - Proposed sites


Gufunes is a new development zone in Reykjavík. The proposed site is a former industrial site, mostly on landfill, now in the process of becoming a hub for the creative arts. Situated on the coastline facing east and bordered by green areas this site has all the possibilities of becoming a unique melting pot of a center for the movie industry, experimental residential units, co-living, business and leisure.


This 2.853m² plot is characterized by two landmarks, a 40-meter tall concrete silos which form a part of a 1.641 m² industrial complex which used to house a cement factory. The complex also includes a packing station and a dispensary. It is an important landmark seen from multiple locations in the city, perfect reminder of the past role of this neighborhood as an industrial area and a gateway into the new future urban area of Bryggjuhverfi West.

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